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Committed to a sustainable future

Supporting landholders to care for the land through improved environmental conservation and feral animal exclusion with help from Gallagher Permanent Fencing solutions.

Gallagher Landcare

For over 50 years, we have been committed to supporting Australian farmers by providing farm-fit solutions to help simplify the challenges faced by those working on the land.

We recognise that our simple to install, yet effective electric fencing solutions increasingly assist landholders to achieve not only more productive and profitable farming systems but help make them more sustainable as well.

Following the success of the 2022 grants, and our continuing support of projects aligned with priority areas of conservation, biodiversity, and feral animal exclusion, Gallagher and Landcare Australia are proud to offer the 2023 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants.

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  • 2023 Gallagher Landcare Grants
  • Eligible project grants
  • How to apply?
  • Who can apply?

2023 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants


Following the success of last year's grants and our continuing support of projects aligned with priority areas of conservation and feral animal exclusion, Gallagher and Landcare Australia are proud to announce 22 grants will be available in 2023 for groups or individuals with a project needing support.


Recipients receive funding for individual electric fencing project grant valued at up to $8,000 (ex-GST) for fencing materials to support projects, with costs determined in consultation with the local Gallagher Territory Manager.


For the 2022 grants round, a total pool of $136,000 (ex-GST) of support was made available for up to 17 groups or individuals to receive a 2022 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grant. Four grants have been provided specifically for farm dam restoration projects. Click here to see the full list of grant recipients.

Eligible Project Grants


Grant applications are open for projects that align with one or both of the below priority areas:

Conservation fencing and exclusion
Installing electric conservation fencing can help exclude threats to valuable native plants and animals, such as: Browsing or trampling by herbivores (such as stock, rabbits or kangaroos); preventing damage from people; keeping out introduced pests.

Farm dam restoration
Restoring degraded farm dams into ecological assets by excluding or restricting livestock access can have significant benefits, including livestock health, improved drought resilience, water quality, biodiversity and ecological benefits by allowing native vegetation to establish and regenerate, reducing sedimentation and acting as a natural filter.



How to apply


Check to see if your project is within approximately a 100km radius from a Gallagher Territory Manager location.

. Download and read the grant guidelines and criteria and FAQs.

2. Call the Gallagher team on 1800 425 524 for a quick chat about the eligibility of your project against the written criteria. 

3.  All applications must be developed in consultation with your local Gallagher Territory Manager. Once you have spoken to a Gallagher representative, a Territory Manager will reach out to arrange a visit between 1 May and 9 June 2023.


Your Gallagher Territory Manager will determine the best Gallagher Permanent Electric Fencing Solution for your project goals and assist with product selection and pricing.

As part of the visit, your Gallagher Territory Manager will provide you with a completed Product List document, which details the recommended Gallagher product needed to service your project. You must submit this as part of your application. 

4. Login or register and start your grant application on the Landcare Australia Grant Site.

5. Submit your application, including supporting images and your product list, by 15 June 2023.

If you have any questions, please call Landcare Australia on 1800 151 105 or email us.


 Who can apply?


Project locations must be within approximately 100km radius from a Gallagher Territory Manager location* to ensure that our team are able to assist throughout the project.

The Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants 2023 are open to:

- Landcare, Coastcare and Junior Landcare groups;
- Volunteer-based farming systems, community and environment groups; and
- Individual landholders, farmers, agriculturalists and graziers.

You can find a map of Territory Manager locations here.




Stay up to date with how Gallagher are supporting landholders to better care for the land.


Landcare Projects 

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Endangered rock wallabies get extra protection with smart fence technology

Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grant is facilitating the installation of a Gallagher i Series Electric Fencing system featuring remote monitoring capabilities, and is set to play a key role in ensuring the wallabies are securely protected from predators.

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Graziers' land rehydration missions gets a boost with electric fencing grant

Gallagher Mega Anchor and Insulated Line Posts are being used to restrict cattle access to areas be rehabilitated, including a deep erosion incision that cuts through the property, and an intact "chain of ponds" - an environmentally-valuable natural feature.

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Gallagher feral proof electric fence excludes pigs to protect habitat

A 10-wire Gallagher Westonfence is protecting the critically endangered Western Swamp Tortoise by excluding feral pigs from a swamp, in the Mogumber Nature Reserve in Western Australia.

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