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2022 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants

Thursday, 18 August, 2022

Gallagher Landcare Grant recipient Family McAllister

Following the success of the 2021 grants and our continuing support of projects aligned with priority areas of conservation, grazing management and feral animal exclusion, Gallagher and Landcare Australia are proud to introduce the recipients of the 2022 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants:


Grant Recipient State/Area Project Summary

Swamp Wallaby Farm


Excluding stock from critical hydrological features

Wetland Habitats Trust (Paiwalla)


Protecting critical turtle habitat

M.M Woodward


Fencing for holistic grazing management

Kangertong Farming Pty Ld


Protecting waterways for water health and replanting

The Schmidt Family Trust


Fencing to protect Stanley Forest, improve soil health and create a biodiverse farm dam

Dunkeld Pastoral Company Pty Ltd


Conservation fencing and farm dam restoration

K.E Vivers & M.L Vivers


Fencing for biological diversity and soil health

G.S Ward & C.F Ward


Protecting pastures, riparian areas, and dams from pest animals

Mulberry Valley Farm


Fencing for transition to a time-controlled, rotational grazing system

B.A McAllister & T.L McAllister


Fencing for soil health and rotational grazing

S.L Johnson & B. Sargent

NSW/Corindi Beach

Fencing to enhance pasture diversity and protect environmentally sensitive areas

Border Ranges Richmond Valley Landcare Network

NSW/Collins Creek

Increasing habitat connectivity for the local koala population

M. Stephenson/East Gippsland Landcare Network


Protecting the locally vulnerable Ecological Vegetation Community

Hollycott Pastoral

NSW/Cooneys Creek

Fencing for regenerative grazing implementation

Wells Ag Pty Ltd


Farm dam restoration for improved wetland habitat for wildlife

A. Stewart, H.T Stewart & J Stewart


Farm dam restoration and biolink to an established regenerated bush area

M. Dillon


Protecting Hodgkins creek and establishing rotational farming


For the 2022 grants round, a total pool of $136,000 (ex-GST) of support was made available for up to 17 groups or individuals to receive a 2022 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grant. Four grants have been provided specifically for farm dam restoration projects.

Recipients receive funding for individual electric fencing project grant valued at up to $8,000 (ex-GST) for fencing materials and cash to support projects, with costs determined in consultation with the local Gallagher Territory Manager.

Read more about the Gallagher Landcare Grant here.