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Top 10 Reason to Attend Canada's Outdoor Farm Show


10. It's September. The Convention is in Woodstock, Ontario.

Woodstock offers 350 Hectares of Parkland and Open Spaces, the equivalent of 10 Ha for every 1,000 people. Get an early start on fall and enjoy Woodstock's great outdoor venue!


9. Grab a Cup of Coffee with Friends – Old and New

Canada's Outdoor Farm Show is the heading into its 21th Anniversary and is one of North America's premier farm shows. This is your opportunity to network with fellow producers from across the country or catch up with old friends – off the farm/ranch – for a change.


8. Be Inspired

Listen first-hand as Jack Kyle, Provincial Grazier Specialist with Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), shares pasture management and grazing tips during his pasture walk held twice daily at 10:30am and 2:30pm on the North Mall with Brussels Agri Services.


7. Take a Test Drive

Visit the RAM exhibit near the North Mall to take a brand new 2015-16 truck for a test drive. This one comes with a warning – once you've sat in a new Ram, you may have trouble getting back out!


6. Let Your Voice be Heard

Industry decision-makers listen and rely on the voices of producers when establishing policy priorities for the coming year. Be a part of the process and contribute to the decisions that will help shape your industry for the future.


5. Let us Entertain & Educate You

The BriteSpan Dairy Innovation Centre (DIC) at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show is a place where time flies! Seasoned Dairy producers and the general public will both enjoy and learn from live demonstrations of the newest dairy equipment on the market.


4. Learn Something New

Celebrating 21 years of educating producers and focusing on the industry's most current opportunities and challenges, this year's Canada's Outdoor Farm Show will celebrate the evolution of the corn stalk chopper head with live demos in the Southwest Demo Field! SPSP's Single Pass Seedbed Preparation and Vermeer Biomass Equipment Demos will demo daily at this location as well.


3. New Products/New Services

Many industry leaders wait until Canada's Outdoor Farm Show to debut new products or services developed with producers in mind. Gallagher North America will be showing new products – certain to amaze even a veteran user of electric fencing.  With more than 725 exhibitors lining the grounds, we're confident there's something available to make your operation or business more efficient or effective.


2. Get Your Boots on the Ground

Whether it's your first visit or your twenty-first. Canada's Outdoor Farm Show has more to offer than ever. From (A)griculture to (Z)oo and everything in between, we can't promise you a good time, we promise you a GREAT time.


1. You Deserve a Vacation

And that should be reason enough. The 2015 Canada's Outdoor Farm Show will be here before you know it. Now is the time to get off the fence and make your arrangements TODAY!

For more information about the 2015 Canada Outdoor Farm Show, please visit www.outdoorfarmshow.com We can't wait to see YOU at the show!