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Are you EID-ready?

It will be mandatory in Australia for farmers to tag sheep and goats with electronic identification (EID) tags from January 1, 2025.

Sheep producers now have
 the golden opportunity to use electronic record keeping to update their operation, opening the door to high-level data collection and the potential to streamline business operations and improve profits.

It's easy to introduce EID on your farm: an entry-level solution can be as simple as a NLIS-compliant Handheld Tag Reader and Wireless Load Bars to start collecting information and weights on your animals. Multiple states are offering assistance on the purchase of EID equipment — keep reading to find out more and check your eligibility. 


A return on investment

Whilst it may seem like a daunting upfront cost, with the right equipment and set-up, EID tags allow farmers to save time and money in their business. 


Here are just some of the ways EID can help you do that:


1. Simplifying animal data management

EID allows you to easily manage the performance of an animal. You can use tags to draft animals by weight gain, feeding habits, or health and vaccination status, making managing a flock and monitoring the performance of individual animals much easier.


2. Information accuracy

No more pen and paper records! EID tags allow you to store data against a tag number, and accurately store data digitally and without the risk of human error.


3. Reduced time and labour costs

Easily scanning tags means faster livestock database management, and the capability to automatically draft animals makes drafting a one-person job.


Check your eligibility for government assistance and rebates 

Numerous states offering government assistance to help Australian farmers transition to EID tags on their farm. This includes rebates to support the purchase of new EID tag reading equipment and automatic drafting units. 

Click the buttons below to find information relevant to your state. Note that not all states are offering compensation, and rebates may be limited.


Further information

Are you looking for more information on mandatory EID? Not sure how to register in the NLIS database? Need to know which ear to tag? 


Visit the NLIS website

Frequently asked questions about NLIS

What is Animal Performance & Traceability?

Gallagher's Animal Performance & Traceability solutions can help you meet NLIS compliance requirements and increase the data collection capabilities of your business. Plus, in certain states, you can claim a rebate on Sheep Auto Drafters, Handheld EID, and software products.

Download our full Animal Performance & Traceability catalogue below, which contains our full range of products, systems selection guides for different livestock farming, and tips and tricks for getting ahead of the curve on mandatory EID.

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