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Animal Performance
Every Day


Web & mobile app

Every Day gives you a fully connected Weighing and EID experience, enabling easy animal data collection. Access your animal data on any device, wherever and whenever you need it. 


Compatible with all Gallagher Weigh Scales 

*Excluding W-0 Weigh Scale


Download the Mobile App







Information at your fingertips

Access and analyse your session or individual animal data on your P.C and mobile from anywhere


Sync animal data between multiple hardware devices

Synchronised animal data ensures the latest up-to-date data is accessible on your devices (coming soon on Tsi2)


Identify poor performers, treat them or cull early

Monitor animal performance and take action before they become an issue


Safe and secure – always backed-up online

Secure, online backup ensures you always working with the latest version of data


Always works with the latest software

Ensure your hardware is always running the latest software with software update notifications


Seamless product registration

New product registration process makes registration easy


Export session records to share with external partners

Export and share CSV files straight from the Animal Performance web and mobile app

How-To Videos

Take a look at our range of support videos to help you navigate through our Animal Performance Web & mobile app. 

We show you how to set up the Gallagher Animal Performance App for the first time

We show you how to download a session from a HR Reader to your Gallagher Animal Performance App.
We show you how to connect Animal Performance App to the W-0 Weigh Scale & record weights.

We show you how to sync your data with your Animal Performance cloud account for the first time.

Use With


TWR-5 Weigh Scale & Reader


TWR-1 Weigh Scale & Reader


HR5 v2 Hand Held EID Tag Reader & Data Collector


HR4 v3 Hand Held EID Tag Reader & Data Collector