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M10000i - Most Power Gallagher Launches Worlds Most Powerful Energizer

"A good energizer is really an invisible asset protector: making sure that valuable stock, pastures and crops are safe and secure. Farms are becoming bigger, so we've specifically designed the M10000i Fence Energizer to meet the demands of these larger properties, which obviously need plenty of power over longer distances."

With 100 joules of stored energy, the M10000i will power electric fencing systems spanning up to 405 hectares.

Feral fencing application

Mr Linn says many farmers and graziers use i Series Energizers for feral fencing because of the peace of mind with the system telling them immediately how their fence is performing.

"Checking their Energizer Controller screen instantly shows if there are any issues with the fence — not just at the shed, but through monitors at remote points, say if a branch has fallen onto it."

The Energizer Controller can be positioned up to 50 metres away from the main energizer, in a spot where it's easily seen.

The fully waterproof Energizer Controller displays voltage and current readings, and can be used to turn the energizer on or off, set alarm levels and fine-tune adjustments to the energizer's operational output voltage.

Remote monitoring saves time

"And on top of that, up to six Fence Monitors can then be installed around the farm and linked back to this central Energizer Controller to create a fully monitored fence system."

Mr Linn says it's this remote-monitoring capability where the i Series prove really valuable to time-poor farmers.

"Farmers don't have to physically check the fence every couple of days, the monitors will show if there's a fault — anywhere along the fence. It's a bit like having six staff members out there looking after six different zones, all the time. If there is an issue, such as tree branch fallen, farmers can instantly identify which zone is causing that performance loss, so fault finding is quick and easy."

Check fence performance online

Farmers can also check the fence's performance online.

"The System Data Controller is an optional remote-monitoring platform, supported by agricultural services company Observant.

"As with our other i Series units, users of the M10000i Fence Energizer can add a System Data Controller, subscribe to the Observant Global platform, and can then view and manage their entire system — which could be multiple zones across a property — using a web browser on their desktop PC, laptop or compatible smart phone. This interface lets farmers see the same information that's on the Energizer Controller — whether it's on and the voltage, or if it's off, then for how long, and so on. With larger properties, it's all about peace of mind and certainly saving labour and time."

The M10000i comes with an Energizer Remote & Fault Finder that enables farmers to quickly locate faults within a monitored zone, turn the Energizer on or off remotely, and test a fence once a repair is completed.

Fully compatible

All i Series Energizer accessories are fully compatible with every i Series model, so farmers can upgrade to the M10000i to cover more fence line without having to buy new accessories.

Mr Linn says, "The M10000i Fence Energizer is another example of Gallagher's commitment to creating innovative products that increase farm productivity and make farmers' lives easier."

The M10000i will be demonstrated at field days nationally and became available through Gallagher resellers in March. It comes standard with an Energizer Remote & Fault Finder and a Fence Monitor.