Standard Latch F0202U

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  • One-handed gate latch
  • Includes two stapes and 14" chain
  • Secure against most animals
  • Can be padlocked
  • Gold Passivate
Warranty 1 year



    Thru Post Gate Hanger (long pin)Thru Post Gate Hanger (long pin)F0029U
    Lock Thru Post Gate Hanger Lock Thru Post Gate Hanger F0042U
    Lock Thru Post Gate HangerLock Thru Post Gate HangerF0046U
    Hinge StrapHinge StrapF0125U
    Heavy Duty Hinge StrapHeavy Duty Hinge StrapF0132U
    Standard Latch LatchOne-handed operation, even wearing gloves.F0202U