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Electric Fence Systems

An investment in electric fencing is an investment in more profitable farming. Electric fencing takes less time, effort and cost than traditional fencing, however it's as a powerful pasture manage​ment tool where it can bring most benefit. It gives farmers precise control over feed to allow allocation of pasture and other forages through permanent and temporary sub divisions.

Why use electric fencing? ​
Electric fencing can be used in many different applications. New purpose built fences for containment or exclusion of large animals; retro fitting an old fence to extend its life or to protect a new conventional fence; feral animal exclusion and temporary fencing ​​for pasture management and animal control.

Permanent Fence

Electromax High Conductive Electric Fence Wire
Electromax High Conductive Electric Fence Wire

​Permanent high tensile wire systems create long life, permanent electric fences. They are easy to install and operate and provide highly effective animal control that lasts and lasts.

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Retrofit Offset Fence

Offset Retro Fence Crop
Live Tip Lockset Offset Wood Post Angle
Offset Retro Fence Crop
Live Tip Lockset Offset Wood Post Angle

Retrofit / offset electric fencing is an economical and easy to install option if you have an existing or new conventional, non-electric fence that you want to protect.

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Portable Fence

Cows behind Portable Fence
Reel on Ring Top Post
Cows behind Portable Fence
Reel on Ring Top Post

Portable electric fences are easy to transport, assemble and take down allowing flexible fencing for short-term animal control or rotational grazing.

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Other Fences


Electric fencing for feral animal control is an efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional feral animal control measures.

Control wild dogs, kangaroos, wild pigs and cats and protect your livestock with electric fencing.

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