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Gallagher Dashboard Lite - Your livestock in your pocket

Managing your animal data just got easier. Gallagher Dashboard holds one version of the truth about your animals, backed-up in the cloud and available on all your devices, anywhere you are.

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Weigh Scale and EID Tag Reader Panel in action

Gallagher SmartReader / SmartScale scanning Electronic ID tags and collecting weight data.

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Weighing & EID Introduction

Benefits of using Gallagher Animal Management Systems products for weighing and data collection and electronic animal identification.

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Smart Fence Temporary Paddock Installation in 3D

A step by step guide showing how to set up a temporary paddock using the Gallagher SmartFence and how to electrify the fence using a permanent electric fence or a portable energizer. The Gallagher SmartFence is a four-wire, fully-portable,..

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Smart Fence Temporary Paddock Installation

A step by step guide showing how to set up a temporary paddock using the Gallagher SmartFence.

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Smart Fence Portable Electrification

A step by step guide showing how to electrify the Gallagher SmartFence by connecting to a portable energizer.

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Smart Fence in Action - Uses and Applications

The Gallagher SmartFence is so easy to carry and transport and can be used in many different ways in a variety of situations including as a temporary paddock and for breakfeeding and temporary grazing.

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Sheep Handler Auto Weigh Demonstration

Gallagher Sheep Handler Auto Weigh. Available through Gallagher in Australia.

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Registering a product with APS

How to register a product on Gallagher APS

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Protecting Your Food Plots from Deer Damage

A Gallagher Food Plot Protector Fence allows you to achieve both forms of protection. The three-dimensional configuration keeps all species (including deer) out of the plot until it is ready for harvest. By removing the outside fence and changing the..

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