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Turbo Wire: Power That Goes the Distance

Choose Turbo Products for Superior Livestock Control

There are a number of different types of portable electric fence wires, tapes and braids - frequently called "conductors". Knowing which one to choose can be a bit tricky - especially for those new to electric fencing.

The most common portable/temporary fence "conductor" is what is called Poly Wire.  Poly Wire is made of plastic strands and embedded thin metal wires used to carry electrical current from a Fence Charger/Energizer. The individual strands of plastic and wire are typically twisted tightly together to form a single wire.

A second option is Poly Tape.  Poly Tape threads individual strands of plastic and wire together to create what appears to be a highly visible ribbon.  Tape while prone to wind and ice damage, is the most visible "conductor" and is best used in situations where maximum visibility is needed. Poly Tape comes in different width sizes, but the most common are 1/2" and 1 1/2".

A third option is Poly Braid.  Poly Braid is thicker and more visible than Poly Wire, and is less likely to be damaged by the wind and ice than Poly Tape.  Poly Braid consists of individual strands of plastic and wire that are braided together to form a tight weave making it more durable, and less prone to tangles and overstretching.  Poly Braid comes in a number of different diameters (thickness).  Poly Braid can be referred to as Poly Rope and the rope can come in either a braided or twisted construction.

So what is Turbo Wire and how is it different from Poly Wire?

Turbo products come in the same wire, tape and braided construction previously described for Poly - with one major difference.  Turbo products have 9 strands of conductive metals including copper which make them up to 48X's more conductive than Poly products which only have 6 strands of stainless steel. This means with Turbo, your voltage will stay strong and carry a "shock" further down your fence line than Poly. Long temporary fences (over 1/4 mile) should always be constructed from Turbo products to ensure maximum livestock control.

Turbo Wire Goes the Distance

Why is copper so important?

Some metals conduct power better than others. Metals that are good conductors are said to have low resistance and metals which are not good conductors have high resistance. Copper happens to be a very low resistance conductor which enables Turbo products to carry power further down the fence line than Poly products.  The copper wires in Gallagher's Turbo products are tin coated. This is why if you pull the plastic and metal strands apart, you will not see copper colored wires. The advantages of tinned copper over a non-tinned copper wire is greater longevity. Copper coated in tin is less corrosive and even more conductive!

What does it mean that "Turbo is 48X's more conductive than Poly"?

What this means is that if you built two different fences .6 miles long and one was a single strand of Poly Wire and the other was a single strand of Turbo Wire - both fences would read 8,000 volts at the start; however, at the end of the fence you would only read 600 volts on the Poly Wire fence and the Turbo Wire fence would read 6,300 volts.

The resistance of a "conductor" (wire/tape/braid) is measured in Ohms. The lower the resistance, the more conductive the wire/tape/braid will be. As you can see from the values below, Turbo Wire is 48 times more conductive than Poly Wire.

Turbo Wire - 209 Ohms/mile
Poly Wire - 10,000 Ohms/mile

Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself and see just how much further Turbo will carry a "shock" down your electric fence line than Poly.

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