Top 12 Picks: Portable Fencing Products

Fence Chargers

Each energizer comes with specific distance ratings and it is important to know the miles/acres you want to power with your portable fence. While the three options below may not work with your miles, they have been hand-picked as top picks because of their unique options.

S40 Solar Fence Charger
This .4 Joule Energizer will power up to 25 miles/80 acres of clean fence. This Energizer is equipped with both a livestock and wildlife mode making it popular for those in heavy deer and other wildlife areas. GREAT CHOICE FOR WILDLIFE PROTECTION
S16 Solar Fence Charger
This compact Energizer will power up to 10 miles / 30 acres. Comes with a rechargeable battery, fence/ground leads and built-in solar panel. The S16 has 0.16 Joules of stored energy, is quick and easy to install.

MBS800 Multi-Power
This compact Energizer contains 8 Joules of power and will power up to 90 miles / 520 acres of clean fence. Extremely versatile and can power as a plug-in, battery or solar unit.

Gallagher Fault Finder
Save literally hours finding faults in your fence with this pocket-sized electric fence reader. Measures voltage and current. Perhaps more importantly, it shows the direction of current flow allowing you to find faults quickly.

More Top Picks for Portable Fencing

People regularly ask us: What are the best portable fencing products to have? The answer depends almost entirely on the person asking the question. What kind of animals do you have? How large of an area are you trying to fence? What is your typography like? We’ve chosen 8 remaining portable fencing products that deserve a second look.

Ground Rod
A ground rod is a necessity for any electric fence. This ground rod makes this list because of it's T-handle. The configuration makes it a little easier to move in temporary fencing applications.
Turbo Wire
$94.99 1,312' Roll +328' FREE
This wire carries a "shock" much further down the fence based on its construction. Made from 9 mixed metal strands, Gallagher's Turbo Wire has 40Xs more conductivity than Poly Wire.
Turbo Braid
$122.99 1,312' Roll
Like Turbo Wire, this braid carries a shock further down the fence because of it's 8 mixed metal construction. The braided construction of this product handles well with fewer tangles.
Geared Reel
With each handle turn, the bobbin spins three times allowing you to wind your wire three times faster with each turn of the handle. Also has a unique locking device allowing you to secure to your fence.

Ring Top Post
$219.50 Box of 50
Durable foot allows you to quickly step-in to the ground. The ring shaped, nylon head is tough and won't wear through. The overall design makes for less tangled posts when pulling out of a pile or bundle.
What's not to love about a rolling fence post? A fence made of Tumblewheels will have a number of electrified 'wheels' spaced across the pasture, all you do is roll the fence when changing your rotation.
Double Foot Treadin Post
$107.60 Box of 40
This very sturdy and durable plastic post is 39" in length with 9 numbered lugs designed for virtually all animal types.
Smart Fence
The Smart Fence is a 4-wire completely portable, instant electric fence that is easy to set up. Does not come with an energizer. Great choice for those showing livestock and travelling with animals.

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