Automatic Livestock Watering Systems

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Miraco has been offering healthy, clean, fresh water systems since 1974. ​Miraco perfected energy-free watering systems and was the first to manufacture automatic livestock waters from poly materials. Join other livestock producers and pet owners who enjoy the innovative features of Miraco Watering Systems.

Miraco Ball Waterer

Energy Free MiraFount Waterers

These energy free, ball waterers have 2-3" of urethane insulation and have extra insulation above the valve area. Water stays cool in warm temperatures and does not freeze in cold conditions.

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      Horses with Miraco Waterer

      E-Fount Livestock Waterers

      E-Founts are the most economical electric heat waterers available today. All E-Fount waterers come equipped with a 50 watt heat element and thermostat. E-Founts only require 4 kilowatts of electricity during a week of -25 F temperatures.

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          Horse water in tank

          Lil'Spring Watering Systems

          The Lil'Spring Miraco Livestock waterer is a multipurpose waterer specifically designed for general livestock use. These tough tanks are ideal for installation in paddocks or stalls and are available in several colors.

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              All Miraco Livestock Waterers Come with a 5 Year Warranty

              Horse stall automatic water bucket

              EQUIFount Mounted Waterers

              The EquiFount features smooth rounded edges for safety with minimum intrusion on stall space.

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              Lil Spring Open Livestock Waterer

              BIGSpring Livestock Waterers

              These waterers feature a one-piece polyethylene construction​ for beef and dairy cattle.

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              Happy Brown Lab Dog

              Automatic Pet Watering Bowls

              Bowl refills automatically and has no moving parts making it completely pet safe.

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              Other Products


              Trough Valves

              Tired of replacing or fixing traditional lever arm float valves damaged by livestock? Gallagher's submersible trough valve has a flexible cord and float that hugs the trough wall and keeps it out of harms way.

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              Tank Accessories

              Miraco offers a variety of livestock waterering tank accessories: immersion heaters, cable line heaters, automatic valves and insulated heat tubes along with Miraco parts to keep tanks running like new.

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              Leading Horses to a More Energy Efficient Drink

              ​​​As operations manager for Bunker Park Stables, Dimmerman oversees the daily functions of the riding facility located in Andover, Minnesota.​

              "The horses live outside year-round at Bunker Park Stables and all of our water fountains are exposed," explains Dimmerman. "Because of the weather conditions we face, our fountains must be the best. They need to be well made, durable, cost-effective, provide clean water and cannot freeze. And lastly, the fountain has to be diverse enough to accommodate the ponies, all the way to the draft horses."

              Nowadays, Dimmerman relies on Miraco E-Fount Energy Efficient Heated Ball Waterers for Bunker Park Stables.​​​​​

              "The design of E-Fount waterers is very well thought out," says Dimmerman. "They are strong, durable, never freeze and always provide fresh clean water – free of algae. The height and function of the product is perfect for the ponies as well as the Percherons."

              E-Fount water fountains are the most economical electric heat waterers available today, states...​

              Leading Horses to a More Energy Efficient Drink

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