Turbo Wire G62054

Gallagher Turbo Wire is one of the best known secrets in the portable electric fencing world!

Made from 9 mixed metal strands, Gallagher's Turbo Wire has 40Xs more conductivity than Poly Wire and is best suited for distances beyond 1/4 mile where extreme power is required. Built to be reliable, super-conductive, long lasting and highly portable... with Turbo Wire, you can also rest assured that its ultra-white color makes it highly visible to both people and animals.

Try it today and see just how much further it will carry a "shock" down your fence line than regular Poly Wire!

656' Roll (G62054)

1,312' Roll + 328' Extra FREE (G620564)

2,624' Roll (G62089)

USD $53.49

Excludes sales tax

  • Reliable, long life wire with turbo conductivity for superior animal control on portable electric fences
  • Ideal for use in windy conditions
  • Heavy duty wire with mixed metals (x6 stainless steel and x3 copper strands) for turbo conductivity and long life
  • Superior shock delivery with 40x conductivity of Standard Poly Wire
  • Made from hard wearing UV resistant materials
  • Resistance: 130 Ohms/km - Resistance refers to the conductivity of the product. Low resistance (i.e. 110 Ohms/km) means higher conductivity (less resistance to the electric pulse means it can travel further down the fence line)
Warranty1 Year
Ohms Per Km130
Voltage (kV) at 500m of fence7.5kV (at 1000 ohms fence load)
Voltage (kV) at 1km of fence7.1kV (at 1000 ohms fence load)
Diameter or Tape Width3/32"

Turbo Wire Offer


For a limited time only, purchase two 1,312' (or greater) sized rolls of any combination of Turbo Wire, Turbo Braid or Turbo Tape and receive a FREE pair of wire cutters after mail-in-rebate. Offer valid on eligible purchases made between April 1 - June 30, 2018. 

Gallagher Turbo Products Eligible for Rebate (please note product numbers when selecting):
G620564 Turbo Wire 1,312' RollG62148 Turbo Braid 1,312' RollG62356 1/2" Turbo Tape 1,312' Roll
G62089 Turbo Wire 2,624' RollG62176 Turbo Braid 1,312' Roll

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