Pasture Recovery

Pasture recovery time is a key component of a managed grazing program.

Pasture Recovery

Pasture Recovery

Pasture recovery time is a key component of a managed grazing program.

Factors that influence recovery time:

• Growing conditions

• Severity of grazing

• Forage species

Though weather is a major factor, it is outside of our control. A producer can control the severity of grazing and the forages to improve pasture recovery time.

Growth Conditions


Under severe conditions it could take up to a year for the plant to recover from grazing. In ideal temperatures (20’s C or 70’s F), with adequate moisture ,recovery may be as short as 3 weeks.


Adequate moisture means optimum growth. If there is a dry period, growth will be limited or non-existent. If moisture is excessive (flooding) growth will be reduced.

Grazing Height

Leave 3+ inches of growth in the pasture. The root system is a mirror image of the above ground growth; so, short grazing leaves short roots with a limited ability to collect water and nutrients from the soil.

Forage Type

Plant species vary in how quickly they recover from grazing. i.e. Orchard grass recovers quickly while timothy and smooth brome are much slower to recover after grazing.

Need Advice?

Our Pasture Pro's have been trained to answer site specific questions and recommend designs related to managed grazing operations. Maybe you're interested in the highest quality, innovative animal management products on the market or fence and water system installation services? They offer that too!

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