Inaugural Training for Gallagher Certified Pasture Pros

July 17-19, 2018 marked the inaugural training of Gallagher Certified Pasture Pro’s through the Passion for Pasture Program.

Inaugural Training for Gallagher Certified Pasture Pros

July 17-19, 2018 marked the inaugural training of Gallagher Certified Pasture Pro’s through the Passion for Pasture Program. The Passion for Pasture program has been developed to educate select dealership locations and livestock producers throughout North America about improving soil health on grazinglands through proven grazing management practices. The training involved twenty-six individuals from twenty dealership locations from throughout the United States and three from Canada. Leading the trainings were a variety of Gallagher product and program specialists, Jack Kyle a former grazing specialist with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), and Hugh Aljoe, a pasture and range consultant and director of producer relations with the Noble Research Institute. The three-day training consisted of programming designed to advance attendees knowledge of where and how to best utilize livestock management products in various grazing operations. The training specifically focused on creating pasture designs to meet each customer’s goals and objectives while considering their unique operation or parcel of land.

John Pearson of Pearson Farm and Fence in Washington state whose business serves as one of the model businesses for Passion for Pasture said of the training, “producers must realize that pasture and livestock management is a mutualistic package. They are two intricately interwoven systems which affect one another. Grazing methods for maximum forage and livestock yield can be confusing when first starting out. Having local grazing advisers put the information together for your specific operation is of great benefit to the livestock producer. This training is sure to have given all attending dealerships confidence in designing grazing systems for their customers.”

Some of the topics covered during the training included mapping out grazing systems, livestock watering options, pasture management and grazing options, and utilization of web tools for pasture management and mapping systems. Discussions revolved around what makes a grazing operation successful and specifically focused on assisting a new grazer in being successful with starting their grazing management plans. Some advice from our experts included, Jack Kyle, “size paddocks for 1-3 days feed for the group of livestock being grazed with water in each paddock.” Hugh Aljoe recommended “Start grazing management program by making proper use of what is already present (soils, pastures, forage, water). Start managed grazing on the best, most productive portions of the property.”

Hugh said of the Passion for Pasture program, “this provides Gallagher dealers the complementary professional training in the art and science of grazing management which will provide even greater benefits to their agricultural clientele.” If you’re looking for grazing management advice or strategies, or fence design and installation services, locate one of our Certified Pasture Pro’s found at and make an inquiry with your closest dealer today. If you’re in a location which doesn’t have a nearby Pasture Pro, email your inquiry to

Pictured above: Back row Left to Right: Brad Nielson, Tim Cavalier, Michael Lauderdale, Jim Hagerman, Brad Mueller, Ian Newman, Dustin Schweer, Matt Voris, Kash VanTassell Middle row Left to Right: Steve Cannon, Rydell Becker, Amy Shenold, Denice Turner, Kelsey Scheer, AJ Scheve, Tim Prior, David Esplin, John Pearson, Randy Cutler Front row Left to Right: Stan McSorley, Eddie Thibodeaux, Sydnee Donaho, Jason McIntosh, Norm Aguredakes Not Pictured: Floyd Miller & Dave Keough

Need Advice?

Our Pasture Pro's have been trained to answer site specific questions and recommend designs related to managed grazing operations. Maybe you're interested in the highest quality, innovative animal management products on the market or fence and water system installation services? They offer that too!

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