Gallagher USA Extends Solar Options with New Compact Energizer

KANSAS CITY, MO - The S10 S​olar Energizer is the newest member of the Gallagher Solar Energizer Line-up.  This compact, robust solar energizer that comes with a rechargeable battery and solar panel is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to battery-powered energizers.​

The S10 powers up to 3 miles and boasts several customer inspired improvements that make it ideal for strip grazing, garden protection, livestock and pet containment.

Because it uses solar power, it doesn't require a constant supply of batteries to keep it functioning, said Terry Cole, Product Manager for Gallagher North America. 

"But it's the S10's ease of use that really sets it apart. It's incredibly simple to set up and operate. You hook it up to the fence and ground rod, turn it on and walk away."

Once activated, the S10 will continue to operate for up to three weeks without sun. An easily visible LED Pulse Indicator shows the Energizer is working and has enough charge. A red light flashes if the battery is low. The waterproof and drop resistant casing is made to last extreme conditions and the S10 Energizer is equipped with in-built lightning protection.

"And it's very easy to move the S10 from one fence to another. It's only has one control switch, so you don't have to be expert in electric fencing to operate it."

The S10 can be used in both portable and permanent electric fencing applications.  The optional portable post mount allows attachment to temporary fence posts.  For longer term electric fencing scenarios such as protecting silage bales, trees and riparian areas etc., the S10 can be attached to a wooden post or sit on top of a steel post.  The steel post mount allows for 360 degree placement so that the solar panel can be easily positioned south towards the sun, regardless of which way the post is facing.

Consumers looking to get the most out of solar energy can rely on Gallagher's S10 Solar Energizer​ to provide dependable, pasture, livestock and pet protection in all weather conditions with many animal types.

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