Gallagher Announces Passion for Pasture Program: Managed Grazing Help for Livestock Producers in North America

Kansas City, MO– Gallagher North America is committed to investing in the success of our customers and has developed the Passion for Pasture program as a resource. The Passion for Pasture program is here to help livestock producers plan, design and install grazing systems for improved profits and sustainability. This program marries together high-quality Gallagher products and knowledgeable grazing experts to produce professionals able to offer customized pasture designs and fence installation services.

There are various types of grazing techniques and philosophies that fall under the umbrella of “managed grazing”. Some names for these techniques include rotational grazing, management intensive grazing, mob grazing, cell grazing, strip grazing, holistic grazing and New Zealand grazing, among others. The common focus of these techniques is on improving pasture soil health.

This in turn increases forage species diversity, nutrition and yield. Allowing producers to grow more pounds on fewer acres. There are many factors to consider when choosing your grazing method. Factors such as climate conditions, field topography, forage species, livestock class, and producer goals. Gallagher’s Passion for Pasture program, backed by expert advice, answers how managed grazing can work and look for each unique set of circumstance.

Cody Dvorak, Business Development Manager for Passion for Pasture says, “I’m very excited about this grassroots effort to reach out and assist livestock grazers who are some of the most integral people to the economy of this country. Gallagher understands the increased awareness of agricultural environmental impact, a growing world population with increased food production needs, and an increasing number of millennials and retirees moving back to, starting or renovating existing livestock operations.  This allows Gallagher the opportunity to not only offer the highest quality electric fencing products but also to lend expert advice on how to increase forage and livestock yield while improving an operations triple bottom line which consists of people, planet and profits.”

The new Passion for Pasture website offers resources and advice to get you started with managed grazing. Livestock producers looking for informational resources such as fact sheets, tutorials, upcoming events and testimonials of other producers utilizing managed grazing will find this site useful. Those looking for installation services or a face-to-face consultation can simply visit the site and make an appointment with a Gallagher Certified Pasture Pro to get started.

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