Pasture Management

In order to achieve sustainable livestock production, producers must rely on growing forage as a primary feed source.  Today's producer needs to raise more on the acres they have – and good pasture management can help them do this.

The ultimate goal of pasture management is to efficiently convert forage into a saleable animal product. Using an appropriate grazing system can also reduce production costs and off-farm expenses while improving the health of the soil.

​Here you will find a collection of articles that offer helpful education information on how you can develop and maintain your pastures for maximum production and quality.

Pasture Management​ Basi​cs

Pasture Management is dependent on three basic areas of animal control.

1. Control of the area to be grazed

2. Control of the number of animals to be grazed

3. Control of the grazing time

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Pasture Management - Avoid Overgrazing

Overgrazing & Preventative Management Strategies

To avo​​​​id overgrazing, managing livestock on grazing lands requires graziers to be flexible and understand the complex soil-pla​nt-animal relationship involved.

Overgrazing is grazing a plant before it has recovered from a previous grazing.

Overgrazing can be damaging, not only to the natural balance of grazing lands, but to producers' bottom lines, as well. To avoid overgrazing, managing livestock on grazing lands requires graziers to be flexible and understand the complex soil-plant-animal relationship involved.

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Oak Hollow Angus Ranch

Quality Tools Assist in the Production of Quality Angus Beef

Eight gener​atio​​​ns and 215 years of experience in the ​cattle business have taught the Lowe family of Smiths Grove, Kentucky the importance of quality when it comes to ​raising cattle.

Kenneth Lowe explains his family's roots in the cattle business began with a feeding and finishing operation in the mid-1800s. The family business eventually transitioned their focus to a commercial cow herd in the early 1960s. Upon graduating from college in 1976, Lowe decided to stake his own claim and started Oak Hollow Angus after purchasing the farm next door to his mother and father's operation.

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Hot Chain Link Fence over stream

Use Floodgates to Fence Livestock out of Waterways and Ravines | Gallagher Electric Fence USA

With the increased effort to protect waterways from livestock damage, electric fencing offers an effective solution to protect these sensitive…

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Cattle herded under full moon

Beef Born of Good Practices: Grazier Manages Cattle with Ecological Focus | Gallagher Electric Fence USA

Building fence, moving cows, running water lines, and slinging grassfed meat for her customers are just a smattering of the…

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Hereford Cattle on Pasture

Managed Grazing for Drought Resilience | Gallagher Electric Fence USA

While drought has always been a part of ranching, it is becoming more and more of a regular occurrence for…

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Horses Grazing Winter Pasture

Gallagher i Series Fence Energizer Systems Offer Security and Peace of Mind | Gallagher Electric Fence USA

​Like any new landowner, Karlin Ekberg noted the repairs needed to be made on her recently-purchased property located in Washington's…

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Pastured Pork in healthy pasture

For the love of pigs: Farmer brings home the bacon with pastured pork | Gallagher Electric Fence USA

As a child, Jeff Linton had a strong affinity for animals, especially pigs, this attraction resultant of growing up on…

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Dairy Cattle Looking into Camera

Ditching Free-Stalls for Forages: The Rise in Grassfed Dairies | Gallagher Electric Fence USA

​​A growing demand for grassfed dairy products from cows fed only forages has some producers ditching free-stalls for forages in…

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