Gallagher Fence Plays Dr. Dolittle In Hollywood

Wild Things Animal Rentals Inc. is a compound for wild and exotic animals which supplies trained animals for film, television, and live productions. You've seen their talented beasties in such films as Dr. Doolittle, Mighty Joe Young and The Lion King.

“Wild Things keeps their 3 African elephants in a 5 acre compound.”

​​​​​Located just outside Salinas, California, Wild Things cares for over 100 animals ranging in size from a small tarantula to a giant African elephant.

A staff of trainers, care takers, and office personnel work with film and television productions call on a daily basis to describe their animal needs and solicit bids for that animal action. Upon being awarded a job, animals are prepped to perform the required action, transported to the set where filming is accomplished.

The staff takes their commitment to their animals seriously.  Keeping them contained within a safe environment where they can be groomed, fed and cared for in a manner that exceeds even the most stringent federal and state requirements is critical to their success.

Wild Things is so confident in their ability to care for their animals that they keep their doors open to the public by arranging tours, offering overnight B & B accommodations and even boarding family pets.

Building a containment facility for their elephants

Wild Things keeps their 3 African elephants in a 5 acre compound.  The trainers call it a play pen.  Filled with toys and designed to resemble their native grounds, it's one of the main attractions on the public tours of the facility.  Keeping the elephants contained without resorting to high walls which would block the public's view was a design problem solved by Gallagher Electric Fence.

Gallagher President of Sales, Dan Geller said all it took was a surprisingly fragile looking 4 wire fence and a standard energizer.  "The six foot tall fence was meant to be a psychological barrier.  Unlike most fences, it doesn't require great strength to be effective," he said.  "We designed it to deliver just enough power so the elephants will respect it.  The fence quietly "communicates" to the animals, reminding them of the boundaries that keep them safe."

The fence has been in place for 5 years and, despite what might be considered the potential for heavy duty use --- these elephants weigh several tons and even light horse play can be damaging to the landscape --- it only shows normal wear and tear, about what you would expect from a fence for the average cow/calf operation.

Elephants enclosed with electric fence
Elephant spewing water from nose
Elephants enclosed with electric fence
Elephant spewing water from nose

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