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Build a Grazing Plan to Balance Forage Supply, Livestock Demand​

Simple is Best for Rotational Grazing Fencing

Adaptive Management, Multispecies Grazing Improves Soil Health

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Soil Health Foundation Sample

Principles Lay Foundation for Healthy Soils

Soil health is a largely underrated topic in mainstream society. Even in agricultural circles, where emphasis on the land and soil is strongest, misconceptions still linger on.​

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OK State University Beef Center

Bidding On A Successful Future

Oklahoma State University program relies on the successful relationship between cattle, students and quality management tools.

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Elephant spewing water from nose

Gallagher Fence Plays Dr. Dolittle In Hollywood

Wild Things Animal Rentals Inc. is a compound for wild and exotic animals which supplies trained animals for film, television, and live productions. You've seen their talented beasties in…

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Norfolk Cattle Company Bull

The Right Tools, Teamwork Help Beginning Farmers Get Their Start

First-generation farmers, Bryan Bonney and Dana Cadman of Tillsonburg, Ontario, were drawn to the cattle business by a love of the farming lifestyle and a desire to raise their children…

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Scanning ear tags with Gallagher USA Reader

Good Records, Livestock Traceability Made Easy with Gallagher Weigh Systems

When it comes to keeping track of beef cattle, Ontario producer Tim Prior knows the value of good records.

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Electric Fencing 101


Our Fencing 101 section to goes over how to correctly setup an electric fence, the types of chargers available, how to ground your system and other helpful tips.​

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Pasture Management


This collection of articles covers a number of management activities: helpful advice in creating a grazing plan, how maximize forage and the importance of soil health.

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Livestock Health


Discover how proper dosages of vaccines, quality forage, fresh water and the ability to capture and collect livestock data can assist with improving livestock health.

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Green, healthy pasture and cattle

Ranching in northern climates brings with it a unique set of challenges.…

From what we used to do traditionally, we probably can graze two months to two and a half months longer than we used to.
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Pastured Pork in healthy pasture

As a child, Jeff Linton had a strong affinity for animals, especially…

I find that pigs do graze
Jeff Linton
Linton Pasture Pork
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Curt Pate practicing low stress handling

Handling cattle can be stressful, especially during activities like weaning or shipping.…

I believe out in the pasture is where the important animal husbandry begins.
Curt Pate
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