Weighing & EID Systems

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gallagher Weigh Scales and Data Recorders range from an entry level automatic weighing model through to the most advanced weighing and data collection systems available.

Weigh Only System

An easy to use, yet powerful system that accurately measures animal weight so that producers can track performance.

Why Weigh?

  • Select animals by weight for sale and slaughter
  • Meet processing key weights for premium prices
  • Evaluate breeding performance for genetic selection
  • Measure and record weaning weights
  • Manage livestock weights prior to mating for better reproduction rates
  • Measure feed conversion to maximize yield by monitoring weight gain over time
  • Monitor livestock health​
EID Only System Diagram

EID Only System

The quick and easy way to comply with traceability legislation and to collect animal data anywhere on your ranch or farm.

Why Use EID?

  • Quick, easy and accurate EID and/or animal data capture
  • Read and transfer animal ID's
  • Link calves/lambs to mothers
  • Record visual ID numbers against EID's in the lot
  • Add and edit data such as condition scores and animal notes
  • Sort animals into groups based on EID number
  • Validate stock reconciliation and stock on hand
Electronic Weighing and Identification System

Weighing & EID System

​​​The ​best option for producers looking to manage their business more profitability. An advance system that works together to fully automate animal management and handling tasks saving both time and money.

Why Weigh with EID?

  • Reduce time and effort while improving accuracy
  • Improved access to animal information - see full weight history for actual animal in the chute
  • Immediate display of weight gain performance
  • Automatic drafting by weight or EID
  • Identify the poor performers - treat, allocate to different feeding groups or quit early
  • Accurate drenching levels - maximize treatment efficiency and minimize treatment costs​

Weighing & EID Products


Weigh Scales & Data Collectors

Gallagher weigh scales and data collectors provide producers with a quality weighing system that is not only tough, reliable and accurate - but is also very simple to use.

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EID Tag Readers

An EID tag reader is a critical part of any EID system. The reader captures the unique tag number of an animal as they are weighted, treated or identified in a yard or chute.

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