Heavy Duty Weigh Feet Kit G05420

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USD $ 2,999.99
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  • ​​​​High performance double ended shear beam stainless steel loadcells offering corner to corner accurate weigh reads for superior weighing performance
  • Heavy duty stainless steel top and bottom mounting plates
  • Unique design offers flexible installation options under cattle handlers or irregular shaped platform assemblies
  • Loadcells easily replaced on farm without a major lifting job, fifth loadcell supplied with the kit as a spare preventing delays and stress during critical livestock handling sessions
  • Compatible with Gallagher W610, W810 and TSi weigh scales (also SmartScale models with an adapter)
  • Protected against damage with rodent and crush protectors on loadcell and loadbar cables.​
Warranty 2 year
Product Weight23kg/ 51lbs
Weighing Capacity5000kg/ 11023lbs



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