Live Fence Indicator G51100

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USD $ 33.49
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  • ​Install at strategic locations for convenient visibility including driveways and near the home
  • Highly visible LED flashes to indicate fence is working effectively. Is easily visible during day and night (up to 3,000' at night)
  • Low voltage cut off so will not flash if the fence voltage is too low
  • Quick and easy installation, simply place earth stake in the ground and clip onto fence wire or tape  
  • Water and UV resistant for long life
  • No batteries required. Uses power from the fence
Warranty 1 year
Product Weight1.1kg/ 2.4lbs

    Highly visible LED light lets you know that your electric fence is working. Light flashes with each pulse and is easily visible during the day or night up to 3000 ft depending on the terrain. Install at strategic locations to help you monitor your electric fence and simply look for the flash as you pass by. Works on all wire types!
    Live Fence Indicator on a tape fence              Live Fence Indicator an a wire fence             



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