Fence Volt / Current Meter and Fault Finder G50905

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USD $ 103.99
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  • ​​​​​​​Large easy to read LCD display shows voltage and current
  • Arrow shows direction of fault
  • Extendable contact probe for reading voltage on energizers and other hard to reach places
  • Ground probe connector for more accurate reading
  • Auto On/Off when fence pulse detected
  • Pocket sized tough, water and impact resistant case
  • Battery included. CR2032 1.5V
  • Long, 3 year life on replaceable battery 
Warranty 1 year
Height130mm/ 2.1"
Width or Length70mm/ 2.8"
Depth25mm/ 1.0"
Product Weight0.10kg/ 0.22lbs
    When used as a DVM (Digital Volt Meter):
    Your Fault Finder can be used to measure voltage on all energizer types. measures up to 15KV; use without ground lead for everyday fence voltage reading (grounding lead will give more precise readings - particularly for measuring ground voltage); retractable probe allows easy access to energizer terminals, cut-out switches and other difficult to reach areas.

    When used as a Current Meter:
    Large arrow display makes for easy fault finding by showing direction of fault; digital display of current (A) makes for easy detection of faults; bar graph indicating voltage while in current meter mode; cordless operation.



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