i Series Energizer Remote and Fault Finder G50700

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USD $ 279.99
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​​​​​​​The remote pinpoints an electric fence fault within the monitored zone and enables you to turn off your i Series energizer during repair and on again once the repair is complete.
  • Accurately measure fence voltages and current
  • Find a fault on the fence quickly and easily, within a zone
  • Once fault is located turn the Energizer off remotely to allow safe and convenient fence repair
  • A powerful fence management tool - one remote can be used on multiple i Series energizers or use multiple remotes on one (or more)
  • Rugged and reliable with a tough, water resistant casing design
  • Includes battery - 6LR61 9 V
  • Compatible with both the 2800i and 1800i - i Series Fence Energizers
Warranty 2 year
Height162mm/ 6.4"
Width or Length70mm/ 2.8"
Depth40mm/ 4.6"
Product Weight5kg/ 11lbs"



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