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Power Management Tools

Gallagher North America provides a large range of products that will help you manage power on your electric fence.  
Our fence testers and fault finders are easy to use making them a customer favorite.  Here you will also find safety and protection tools as well as items that will add additional security and protection to your electric fence. 

​​Finding faults and maintaining your electric fence is made easy with Gallagher fence testers and remotes. 

Gallagher Fence Tester

Keep your assets and investments secure.  These products give you peace of mind, even when you are away from your property.

i Series Fence Monitor

​UV resistant leads to securely connect a portable fence to an existing permanent electric fence. ​

Fence Leads

​A handy tool that allows a section of fence to be switched off for maintenance or fault finding.

Electric Fence Cut Out Switch

These products are designed to protect your fence from lightning oflood damage and to keep you and others safe around electric fencing.

Electric Fencing Warning Sign