Solar/Battery Fence Energizer B200 G393454

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USD $ 443.99
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​​​​​​Clean Fence: 30 miles / 100 acres
Typical Fence: 15 miles / 90 acres 
1.45 Stored Joules

  • ​​Flexible fence management – choose from full or half power mode to extend battery life
  • Gain peace of mind with quick glance indicator lights that show battery and fence performance
  • Easily transportable, with handy carry handle
  • Easy battery installation, with simple clip locks case
  • Designed for outdoor use with tough impact resistant case
  • Versatile animal control – vary Energizer pulse modes to suit different animals
  • Convert to solar operation with an optional Solar Kit (Solar Kit not included)
  • Battery not included. Requires a 12 volt rechargeable battery
Warranty 2 years
Stored Energy (Joules)1.45 Joules
Output Energy (Joules)1.1 Joules
Height380mm/ 15"
Width or Length320mm/ 12.6"
Depth210 mm / 8.3"
Product Weight3.7 kg/ 8.2lbs
Power SourceBattery not included.
Power SourceSolar is not included - but may be ordered as a solar package.



    Solar/Battery Fence Energizer B700 Fence Energizer B700Suitable for fencing all types of animal on up to 450 acres / 80 miles of clean fence. The B700 with 7 Joules of stored energy is ideal for permanent electric fencing in remote areas that have unreliable or no access to 110v power. NOTE: Price listed does not include solar package.G39500
    Solar/Battery Fence Energizer B300 Fence Energizer B300This versatile B300 Energizer powers up to 50 miles and 200 acres of clean fence. Ideal for providing portable power for short term animal control but also for permanent installations in remote areas with no 110v power. Suitable for fencing all types of animal on small to mid-sized farms up to 110 acres. NOTE: Price option shown on this page does not include the optional solar kit.G39400
    Solar/Battery Fence Energizer B200 w/10 Watt Panel Fence Energizer B200 w/10 Watt PanelThis battery/solar energizer powers up to 30 miles / 100 acres of clean fence. G393SK