Battery Fence Energizer B40 G38631

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USD $ 277.99
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​​​​​​​​​Multiwire distance ideal conditions: 
25 acres / 3.7 miles
0.4 Stored Joules

  •  ​​​Maximize animal control and battery life - choose full power or night save (to save battery life by up to 50%)
  • Check battery at a glance – flashing red light shows when battery is running low
  • Easy transportation, with carry handle plus convenient ground stake and leads storage
  • Designed for outdoor use, with super tough impact resistant case
  • Battery not included. Requires a 12 volt rechargeable battery or 9V dry cell battery ​​
Warranty 2 years
Stored Energy (Joules)0.38 Joules
Output Energy (Joules)0.28 Joules
Height260mm/ 10.2"
Width or Length240mm/ 9.5"
Depth160mm/ 6.3"
Product Weight2.2kg/ 4.9lbs
Power SourceBattery not included. Requires 12 volt rechargeable battery or 9V dry cell battery.



    Warning Sign SignA highly visible yellow sign that warns that a fence is electrified. Easily clips onto fence wire.G602404
    Heavy Duty Pigtail 42" Duty Pigtail 42"Heavy duty pigtail made of galvanized steel. Ideal for dairy and cattle portable fencing on hard ground. Crimped foot to ensure shaft strength.G64245
    Lightning Diverter DiverterGallagher recommends all permanent Energizers be fitted with a lightning diverter to help protect from lightning damage.G64800