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Electric Fence Energizers

​Gallagher electric fence energizers deliver power and performance in all climates and geographic conditions. Selecting a larger energizer than you need, results in better stock control and a larger safety factor if the fence or installation is imperfect (forage/vegetation interference, etc.)  


All Gallagher Electric Fence Energizers sold in USA come with a two year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Choose from the following electric fence energizer options to charge your electric fence. 

​110v Energizers are always the best choice when you have reliable power.

110 Volt Energizers

​For strip grazing, temporary fencing or setting up electric fencing where there is unreliable 110v power.  

Battery Energizer

​​The logical choice for remote areas where there is no electricity. 

Solar/Battery Energizers

These Energizers provide maintenance free solar power operation.  Extremely easy to use and install.  

Solar Energizers