Thru Post Gate Hanger - 10" F0023U

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Warranty 1 year
Dimension A5/8"/ 16mm
Dimension B1 5/8"/ 41mm
Dimension C10"/254mm



    Thru Post Gate Hanger - 14" Post Gate Hanger - 14"This zinc coated long pin (B) makes gate hanging easier by allowing the gate to slide down the long pin before engaging a short bottom pin. The long pin can be padlocked.F0029U
    Lock Thru Post Gate Hanger - 14" Thru Post Gate Hanger - 14"This zinc coated locking arm prevents the gate hanger from turning in the post. A: .75" B: 2" C: 4" D: 14"F0046U
    Standard Latch LatchAre your hands always full? This convenient, one-handed gate latch is a useful tool when you only have one hand to spare - even wearing gloves! Non-electric.F0202U
    Heavy Duty Hinge Strap - 15" Duty Hinge Strap - 15"Zinc coated strap hinge for gates.F0132U
    Hinge Strap - 12" Strap - 12"Zinc coated strap hinge for gates.F0125U