Electric High Visibility Spring Gate G64010

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USD $ 29.99
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  • ​​​Easy to set up, pre-assembled, highly visible gate
  • Can be used on up to 16½ft gateways without overstretching
  • Longer life design as spring doesn't touch the ground when gate is open - it retracts to a hanging position 21½"
  • Pinlock insulator's jaw strength can withstand significant tension and ensures a strong dead end connection
  • Handy three-Way Gate Anchor allows for additional, secure gate connections
  • Safe use with high visiblity handle with large shields Note: Power from handle end. Not recommended for horses
  • Kit includes: Insulated Gate handle, Galvanized Spring, Pinlock Insulator, 3 Way Gate Anchor
Warranty 1 year
Width or Length3 - 5m/ 10 - 16'
Product Weight0.78kg/ 1.72lbs



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