Reel Guide G61200

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USD $ 5.83
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  • Makes winding in portable fences easy and tangle-free
  • Made from flexible, heavy duty material for durablity 
Warranty 1 year



    Geared Reel ReelBuilt to last, the Geared Reel is durable and easy to use, with practical features such as a transport lock and heavy duty gearbox for simple fence set up. <b>UNIQUE LOCKING DEVICE KEEPS GEAR IN PLACE!</B>G61150
    Large Geared Reel Geared ReelMost popular option for fast winding on standard length portable fences. Large geared reel with 2:1 gear ratio. Has a large galvanized hook for easy attachment to fence and comes with a wire guide for tangle-free winding.G63150
    Reel Stand 3' Stand 3'Rust resistant, steel tread-in post for holding multiple reels for strip grazing and temporary fencing. Includes chain for securing to post. 3' Tall. (Reels must be purchased seperately)G63300
    Electric Fence Jumper Lead with HD Clamps Fence Jumper Lead with HD ClampsElectric Fence Jumper Lead with HD ClampsG634004