Geared Reel G61150

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USD $ 80.99
Excludes sales tax

  • Most popular option for fast wind in and out (3:1 gear ratio) on standard length portable fences
  • Heavy duty gear box for long life
  • Large hook with transport lock for easy, secure attachment to ATV or fence wire 
  • Impact resistant reel guide for tangle free operation
  • Fully galvanized frame and white high impact hub for durability in tough farming/ranching conditions
  • Shatter proof reel lock
  • Long crank arm for better leverage
  • Large comfortable hand grip with knuckle guard for safer use​
Warranty 1 year
Height130mm/ 5.1"
Width or Length240mm/ 9.4"
Depth340mm/ 13.4"
Product Weight13.4kg/ 2.5lbs
Conductor Capacity (length)Holds 500m (1640ft) Poly Wire, 400m (1312ft) Turbo Wire, 200m (656ft) Poly Tape or Turbo Tape
Gear ratio3:1
    Almost necessary these days for practices like rotational grazing, the Gallagher Geared Reel is another best selling Gallagher USA fence product. Easy to use, the geared reel allows for easy rolling and unrolling of any poly wire, turbo wire and similar fence wires like tape and braid.
    Geared Reel attached to four wheeler Geared Reel attached to fence wire
    1. Securely attach to an ATV or fence wire with locking device. Many users put up their portable fences by hanging the reel on a permanent fence, and then walking across the pasture while pulling out the wire or tape and carrying and placing posts in the ground. If the reel falls from the fence during this process it can cause considerable frustration and time loss.
    Gallagher Geared Reel Turns Quickly Reel Guide showing use with Gallagher USA Turbo Wire
    2. Wind your choice of wire three times faster.  Gallagher Geared Reels have a 3:1 ratio, which means for each turn of the handle, the bobbin spins three times allowing you to wind your wire three times faster with each turn of the handle. When rewinding long lengths of poly/turbo wire, braid and tape, the  geared reel is a worthwhile, timesaving investment.



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