Strain Insulator - Black G67702

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  • ​Registered design, made from UV resistant plastic
  • Suitable for fences with limited stock pressure 
  • Suitable for short and temporary fences​
Warranty 1 year
Height65mm/ 2.6"
Width or Length36mm/ 1.4"
Depth36mm/ 1.4"
Product Weight0.02kg/ 0.04lbs



    Insulated Wire Strainer Wire StrainerCombined end strain insulator and strainer. Simply tie onto strainer post and wind fence wire onto spool.G79553
    Insulated Wire Strainer Kit Wire Strainer Kit No wire tying, fast and simple. Includes all three end strain elements - insulator, strainer and steel rope. Simply slide over the post and you’re done.G618034
    Wire Strainer StrainerRatchet style wire strainer that can also be used in-line by threading through strainer. G79504
    Lightning Diverter DiverterGallagher recommends all permanent Energizers be fitted with a lightning diverter to help protect from lightning damage. The Lightning Diverter has two terminals for attaching wires and leads from each terminal that are set with a wide enough gap to prevent the normal energizer voltage flow from arcing across, but close enough to allow a lightning voltage spike to jump easily across and pass to ground. G64800