Inline Wire Tightener - 5 Pack G64302

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USD $ 15.99
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  • ​​Strong, lightweight, rust resistant construction
  • Use with Gallagher Permanent Wire Tightener Handle or Gallagher Rapid Wire Tightening Tool 
  • The large number of clip positions allows correct wire tension to be obtained
  • Ideal for straining old fences and for tensioning trellising wires
  • No need to cut wire before straining
  • Can be used to join wire
Warranty 10 years



    Cut Out Switch Out SwitchCut-out switches are a time saving tool used to turn electricity off along the fenceline while troubleshooting or making repairs. Install one on each corner to eliminate a trip back to the energizer. Unused pastures and lower electric fence wires with high vegetation may also be easily cut off to increase fence voltage.G60731
    In Line Wire Tightener Line Wire TightenerFits over wire for mid-fence straining, increasing effectiveness of strain by pulling from both directions. Installs without cutting wire making it ideal for tightening existing fences or trellising wires. Place wire in center groove and tighten with a Gallagher In Line Wire Tightener Handle or Ratchet Wire Tightening Tool ​until tight. Use the provided U-hook to secure wire. G64304
    Inline Wire Tightener Tool Wire Tightener ToolA professional tool for use with permanent wire tighteners for electric fence.G645004