Corner Lag Insulator - Black G688

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  • 5 Pack
  • Insulator swivels; great for pulling through corners
  • Polycarbinate with UV and color preservent
  • 5-Year warranty



Turbo Wire 656' Wire 656'9 mixed metal strands. Best suited to distances more than 1/4 mile where extreme power is required. 46 times more conductive than standard Poly Wire. G62054
Corner Lag Insulator - Black Lag Insulator - BlackInsulator swivels; great for pulling through corners! This black plastic Corner Lag Insulator is mounted to a lag screw bent into the shape of an L. The insulator itself is made with UV-stabalizers to withstand intense weather conditions. Comes in pack of 5.G688
Porcelain Lag Insulator - Standard Lag Insulator - StandardLong life, large Porcelain Insulator with Lag Bolt for for superior dielectric and mechanical strength. Suitable for use as a line or corner post insulator. Fire resistant. Sold as a 6 pack. Sells as a 6 pack.G671
Strainer Handle Handle Fits most common brands of permanent electric fence wire strainers.G69530
Porcelain Ring Insulator Ring InsulatorFire resistant with a long life, high quality white glaze finish porcelain donut shaped insulator is 1.5" in diameter. Sells as a 10 pack.G674034