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Fence Construction

​​​​​​​​Good installation with quality components that are made to last is critical for successful permanent & temporary fences. Compared to barbed wire, woven wire and rail fence, Gallagher power fence systems are economical, easy to install and operate, and require less maintenance due to minimal physical contact with livestock and animals. 

​Permanent electric fences use highly conductive, corrosion resistant fence wire to keep fences looking good and working effectively.


High grade UV resistant materials with optimized design to withstand maximum pressure points ensure outstanding insulation performance day in, day out on the highest voltage, high tensile fences.​

Heavy Duty Insulators

​​Highly adaptable, easy to install posts that can be used in portable, temporary and permanent fences.​


Electra-Lock Woven Wire Fence provides a unique dual purpose fencing option as it can be used as a normal non-electrified fence, or electrified by simply attaching an energizer to it.​​​

Electra-Lock Woven Wire Fencing

​Strong, long life clamps and joiners are essential to ensure good electrical conductivity is maintained when wires / cables are connected in an electric fence system. ​

Clamps and Joiners

​Strainers maintain tension on fence wires, prevent strain on posts, add strength and keep an electric fence looking good. ​


Old fences can be made to last for many more years by simply attaching offset brackets and an electrified wire on one or both sides. New fences will last almost twice as long if they have electrified offset wires attached to them.

Offset Retrofit Fence