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Wildlife Management

​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Wildlife Management library has articles on topics like how to protect plants and gardens from wildlife, how to set up a food plots, how to secure a perimeter from bears and other animals and even how zoos and other programs are "keeping in" the wild.    


However, Wildlife Management not only involves animals, it also involves management of natural resources and processes of an ecosystem, including the natural abundance, diversity and integrity of both the land, plants/forage and animals.  Here you will find articles on all these topics from industry experts who invite you to learn from their experiences and improve upon them. 

Cranes protected with electric fencing

International Crane Foundation Foils Predators with Electric Fences​

Cranes rely on open freshwater wetlands for survival during most of their lifecycle. The loss and degradation of these kinds of habitats are among the most pressing threats to the survival of these huge birds. Another threat, of course, is the ever-present danger of predators such as raccoons and mink.​

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Elephants contained with Gallagher Electric Fence

Gallagher Fence Plays Dr. Dolittle In Hollywood​

Wild Things keeps their 3 African elephants in a 5 acre compound. The trainers call it a play pen. Filled with toys and designed to resemble their native grounds, it's one of the main attractions on the public tours of the facility. Keeping the elephants contained without resorting to high walls which would block the public's view was a design problem solved by Gallagher Electric Fence. ​ ​

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Wildlife Management

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