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Fence Configurations - Canine

​​​​​​​​​​Electric fences are often used to keep coyotes, wolves, foxes and dogs away from sheep, goats and poultry flocks. Electric fencing used to repel predators must carry a strong shock and serve as a permanent perimeter fence.  

Canine Electric Fence Configurations  

Permanent Canine 7-Wire Fence Specs:​

# of Wires:​​7
​Fence Height:48"​
Line Post:Fiberglass Rod Post
Line Stay:Fiberglass Rod Post
Wire Type:Hi-Tensile
Polarity:All Hot or Hot/Ground
Polarity:Medium Tension, Tight Wire, No Visible Sag (150 lbs)
Applications:Predator exclusion fence for dogs (domestic and feral),
​foxes, coyotes, wolves