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Gallagher Story

​Our history starts with a story – a story that shows the approach Gallagher still takes today in approaching old problems with new thinking to provide the best animal management solutions for North American producers.

Joe the Horse

​When a horse named Joe took too much of a liking to using a car as a scratching post, owner Bill Gallagher Senior scratched his head for a solution.
He devised an electrical circuit that delivered a shock whenever the horse would rock the vehicle. This quickly cured the problem and sparked the idea for his electric fence invention.
That was in the early 1930s. By the end of the decade Bill had built his first electric fence and had made a long term commitment​ to building a great business that redefined what's possible for its customers – Gallagher.
In 1962, Bill Senior’s son Bill Junior started working on the Gallagher shop floor. Moving up through the ranks, he helped us grow from a company delivering a visionary alternative to conventional fencing into one known for quality and dependability.  
Since that time, we have used our experience in electric fence technology, to enter the security business as well.  The Gallagher Security division has developed innovative perimeter security systems which, along with the access control and intruder alarm systems, form the backbone of Gallagher's global security offering.
Today, Gallagher is still lead by Bill Junior, now Sir William Gallagher.