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Other Product Resources

Here you'll find a selection of support resources for other Gallagher products (that are not included under Electric Fencing, Weighing and EID or Wireless Water Monitoring systems). ​

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Corporate Video 2013, Video 2013Let us show you how we continue to redefine what's possible through customer inspired design, relentless innovation and our commitment to delivering outstanding quality.
Gallagher NAIT Exchange Software Installation Demo, NAIT Exchange Software Installation DemoThis new software developed by Gallagher allows you to easily transfer your animal data to NAIT via two ways, depending on how you prefer to do it.
Flashmate® Heat Detection Video, Flashmate® Heat Detection Introduction Video Flashmate® Heat Detection Video Achieve a higher 6-week in-calf rate with Flashmate®. A disposable electronic heat alert product that when applied, monitors riding activity and works out when a cow is in standing heat. Easy application, detects multiple heats and high retention with recommended maintenance. Expert eyes, 24/7.

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Flashmate Heat Detection Instruction Sheet <a href="/assets/Documents/86666.pdf" target="_blank">Flashmate Heat Detection Instruction Sheet</a>Flashmate Heat Detection Instruction Sheet




Stock Prod Standard and Rechargeable DL Brochure NZ<a href="/assets/Documents/73685.pdf" target="_blank">Stock Prod Standard and Rechargeable DL Brochure NZ [PDF, 603KB]</a>Stock Prod Standard and Rechargeable DL Brochure NZ
Flashmate Electronic Heat Detector Brochure<a href="/assets/Documents/86255.pdf" target="_blank">Flashmate Electronic Heat Detector Brochure</a>Flashmate Electronic Heat Detector Brochure
Gallagher Driveway Gate DL Brochure <a href="/assets/Documents/81674.pdf" target="_blank">Gallagher Driveway Gate DL Brochure </a>Gallagher Driveway Gate DL Brochure