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Smart Fence - Train your Animals First

How to train your animals before using a Gallagher Smart Fence to enclose them. 

​It is important to train your animals BEFORE using the Smart Fence to enclose them. Otherwise they may try to run through the Smart Fence the first few times it’s used, before they learn that the fence is ‘live’:

  • Extend the fence into a secure, permanently-fenced enclosure, so your animals can move around it freely.
  • Let the animals investigate the fence and receive shocks off it. Don’t rush this stage - it may take a few days for your animals to become used to the fence and learn to stay back from it.
  • Remember, the minor discomfort they receive during this short training period is more than offset by the long term gains of protection and containment.

Note - To aid the learning process you might consider attaching half a dozen tinfoil strips on the fence wires to encourage animals to investigate.