Wireless Water Monitoring FAQ's

Find out the answers to some commonly asked questions about the Wireless Water Monitoring System.

What is the maximum wireless range of the system?
Up to 4km is the standard range, with 10km - 15km possible with the optional Directional Long Range Antenna. To find out more about how to increase the read range of your Wireless Water Monitoring system, talk to your local in store expert first or check out our Increasing the Range Brochure.

Do I need to change the batteries in the Tank Unit?
No. The battery is continuously recharged by the integrated solar panel. The Tank Unit will continue to operate for up to 3 months without any direct sunlight.

What happens if the system status indicates the battery is low on charge?
Move the Tank Unit to an area of direct sunlight. The unit will be recharged and operate again in approximately 24hrs. If your installation has little access to sunlight then consider using the optional AC mains powered Tank Unit.

What is the maximum tank depth the system will work with?
6.4m is the standard maximum depth. However custom depth systems are available on request. Please contact Gallagher for more information.

Will the Wall Mount Touchscreen Display fit into a standard electrical flush box?
The Wall Mount Touchscreen Display is designed to fit easily into any standard Clipsal or PDL style flush box. Mounting accessories are provided with your Wall Mount starter pack. Alternatively a 50mm circular hole can be drilled and the Wall Mount Touchscreen Display can be mounted directly onto the wall surface.

Can the system measure water from more than one tank?
Yes. Up to nine tanks can be monitored from one Display Unit Each tank will need a Tank Unit installed. Please refer to the user manual for adding additional tanks to the system.

I have two tanks, but they are interconnected. Do I need two Tank Units?
No. If any tanks are interconnected then you will only need one Tank Unit on one of the tanks. The fluid level in interconnected tanks rises and falls proportionately and as the system works on a proportionate level basis, it will work correctly.

Will reception be reduced if trees or walls are in between the tank and the Display unit?
Any wireless system will have range and reception reduced by obstacles. Similar to the poor reception of radio stations in valleys and near power lines. Gallagher recommends minimising obstructions in the direct path of the wireless signal.

Will the battery in the Tank Unit run flat if it is cloudy?
No. The battery will re-charge at a slower rate in cloudy conditions but it will not run flat. Exposure to direct sunlight is of course recommended for maximum solar charging performance.

Can I install the unit myself?
Yes. The system is designed to be very easy to install. No technical skills are required. Gallagher does recommend reading this user manual prior to starting any installation. As with any domestic electrical outlet, the Wall Mount Touchscreen Display should only be connected to the AC mains power supply by a qualified electrician.

What happens if there is a power cut or the power to the Display unit is interrupted?
Nothing. Once power is restored the Display unit will communicate with your tank and previous readings/data and history will be restored to the screen automatically.

How long does the system take to learn my water usage?
The system will start memorising and calculating your water usage from the moment you plug it in. The longer the system is running the more intuitive and “smart” the system will become.

When will the system detect a water leak?
The system will provide a user alert for abnormal usage after approximately 4 hours. The alert is based on the system detecting usage which is outside the “normal” range for a particular recorded tank history.

Does the Tank Unit need to be installed horizontally on the tank?
No, the Tank Unit can be installed on any angle. The Tank Unit can even be installed away from the tank if required using the optional sensor extension cables.

Does the Tank Unit have to be solar powered? What if my tank has no direct sunlight?
No, the Tank Unit can be AC mains powered if required. This is particularly useful for customers with underground tanks, or tanks with little or no exposure to direct sunlight. The AC mains powered Tank Unit is available for purchase through your local rural retailer.

Can I measure different liquids other than water with this system?
Yes. This system allows for different liquids to be measured. For example Urea and Molasses can be measured simply by setting the fluids Specific Gravity (SG) through the settings menu.

Can I set the Wireless Pump Controller to turn on and off at set tank levels?
Yes. The Wireless Pump Controller is designed to be “set and forget”. Custom tank levels can be set so a pump can be turned on when a tank gets low and then turned off once filling is complete. The pump on/off levels can be set through the Display Unit menu.

I have very challenging terrain around my tanks, will this system still operate?
The system does feature very powerful wireless performance which enables reliable operation in most applications. If there are significant terrain or obstacle issues affecting reception these can normally be resolved with the use of the Directional Long Range Antenna and/or passive repeaters.

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