Active Repeater G98512

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  • A powered alternative to the current Passive Repeater
  • The Active Repeater can be utilised to bend the signal over an obstacle preventing line of sight
  • Note: Only one Active Repeater can be used in a system (not designed to be daisy chained). Repeater can also only be used with Tank Unit and Display Unit - not with the Wireless Pump Controller.
  • See the Wireless Water Monitoring brochure for more information.

​If there is no line of sight, to provide a stronger radio signal it is often beneficial to install an Active Repeater on a hill top. Choose a location that has clear line of sight to the source and the destination (tank and the farm house).

  • Only one repeater can be used in a system (not designed to be daisy chained)
  • Needs to face North so that the solar panel can keep the battery charged.