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Gallagher offer a range of online tools, apps and software to help with the successful management of your animals.
Make animal data transfer to NAIT easy with the free Gallagher Animal Transfer App, extract more profit from your farm with Gallagher Animal Performance Software (APS) and access and use your animal information anywhere, at any time with Gallagher’s new Dashboard.

Simple NAIT compliance

Gallagher offer two FREE options for quick and easy transfer of animal data from your Gallagher hand held EID tag reader or EID compatible weigh scale to NAIT – either from your computer with NAIT Exchange or with the ADT App from your phone.


NAIT Exchange Software

Animal Data Transfer App

Your animals online anytime

​​Manage your animal information like never before – at home on your PC or tablet, or out on farm with your phone. Simple quick view of crucial animal data whenever and wherever you need it with Gallagher’s web and mobile product, Dashboard.



Animal Data Transfer App

Take the herd home with you

​Gallagher's APS Standard PC software allows quick  & easy viewing of current or historical information on your individual animals. APS Professional software provides analysis & reporting to give virtually any information you need on any animal or group of animals. NAIT Exchange software allows transfer of animal data to NAIT.

APS Software

NAIT Exchange Software

Case Studies

​A Northland (New Zealand) based livestock company is finding the transfer of data to NAIT much easier with the use of Gallagher's simple bit of software.

​Kirstie Anderson, Avington Farm managers says, “Between our stud and commercial operations, I use APS daily — be it to check how weaners are growing, printing life history reports for ram clients, drafting ewes for joining and so on.”

​Kelly Brittain, one of the leading Angus breeder in NZ says, "Some computer-based products are very complex and can really only be operated by users who are computer savvy, but the TSi (with APS Professional software) is incredibly simple to use".

​We offer a range of useful videos, case studies, brochures and instruction information on Gallagher software, mobile apps and web based products.

Visit Support to see easy to follow, step by step videos or download brohures or product manuals for more in depth product detail.

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