Geared Reel (PVC handle) G72155

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  • Geared Reel pre-wound with 500m Poly Wire    (G72155)
  • Geared Reel pre-wound with 200m Poly Tape    (G72153)
  • For fast wind in and out (3:1 gear ratio) on standard length portable fences
  • Heavy duty gearbox for easy winding
  • Large hook with transport lock for easy, secure attachment to bike or fence wire (Patent 614657 and 609914 granted)
  • Impact resistant reel guide for tangle free operation
  • Fully galvanised frame and white high impact hub for durability in tough farming conditions
  • Long crank arm for better leverage
  • Shatter proof reel lock.
Warranty 1 year
Height130mm/ 5.1"
Width or Length240mm/ 9.4"
Depth340mm/ 13.4"
Product Weight13.4kg/ 2.50lbs
Gear ratio3:1



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