Equine Fence Wire /EquiFence™ G91200

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250m Conductive

  • Highly visible to help prevent animal entanglement
  • Large diameter smooth coating minimises risk of injury to animal
  • High stress crack & UV resistant pipe grade polyethylene ensures long life
  • Steel core provides effective power transmission with minimum voltage drop
  • Unique electrically conductive polymer ensures power is effectively maintained along the fence line
  • Resistance: 35 Ohms per kilometre/56 Ohms per mile
Warranty 10 years
Voltage (kV) at 2km of fence4.2kV
Voltage (kV) at 5km of fence2.4kV
Voltage (kV) at 10km of fence1.4kV
Width or Length250m/ 820'
Diameter or Tape Width7.2mm/ 0.3"