Insulated Wire Strainer G79553

Previously Called:   Hi-Strain Clip-Lock Strainer





  • Long life galvanised steel frame
  • Spool designed for easy set up and wire alignment
  • 12 tooth spool for fine adjustment and easy tightening action
  • Increased spool hub thickness provides extra strength
  • Suitable for up to 4mm gauge fence wire
  • Robust, high quality spring loaded locking clip
  • Tighten with G69530 Ratchet Handle or simple shifter
Warranty 10 years



    Wood Post Claw Insulator Post Claw InsulatorThe most popular choice for permanent electric fencing using wood posts.G67304
    Strainer Handle Handle Fits most common brands of permanent wire strainers.G69530
    L-shape Joint Clamp Joint ClampClamps multiple high tensile wires together for excellent electrical connection.G60303