Permanent Tension Spring G62500

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Ideal for use for

  • Fences with frequent snow loads
  • Enabling irrigators to pass over fence lines
  • On very short fence lines to maintain tension and prevent excessive strain on end posts
Warranty 1 year
Product Weight0.72kg/ 1.59lbs



    Insulated Wire Strainer Kit Wire Strainer Kit No wire tying, fast and simple. Includes all three end strain elements - insulator, strainer and steel rope. Simply slide over the post and you’re done.G61803
    Insulated Wire Strainer Wire StrainerCombined end strain insulator and strainer. Simply tie onto strainer post and wind fence wire onto spool.G79553
    Wire Strainer StrainerRatchet style wire strainer. Can also be used in-line by threading through strainer. G79504