Top Mount Pigtail Offset G66012

Previously Called:   Topdrive Pigtail Offset





  • Pack of 5, 250mm   (G66012)
  • Pack of 5, 400mm   (G66022)
  • For electrifying and protecting exisiting wood post fences
  • For higher top wire placement (eg: for horses) on one or both sides of the post
  • Easy to install - drives smoothly into top of the post and secured with a staple
  • UV stablised and sealed end for weather resistance and long life
  • High strength, durable galvanised spring steel.
Warranty 2 year



    Insulated Wire Strainer Kit Wire Strainer Kit No wire tying, fast and simple. Includes all three end strain elements - insulator, strainer and steel rope. Simply slide over the post and you’re done.G61803
    Insulated Wire Strainer Wire StrainerCombined end strain insulator and strainer. Simply tie onto strainer post and wind fence wire onto spool.G79553
    Wire Strainer StrainerRatchet style wire strainer. Can also be used in-line by threading through strainer. G79504
    In Line Wire Tightener Line Wire TightenerFits over wire for mid-fence straining, increasing effectiveness of strain by pulling from both directions. G64304
    High Strain Insulator Strain InsulatorStrongest, long term end strain insulation for high tensile permanent electric fencing.G67812
    High Strain Insulator Kit Strain Insulator KitSimplest option for end strain insulation; use at one end on shorter fence lengths and add strainer G61803 on the other end or G64304 mid-fence. G61814